Making the Cloud Migration a Piece of Cake & Oracle Optimized: AWR, ASH and ADDM Features

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Presentation Overview:

Making the Cloud Migration a Piece of Cake

Mark Hurd was quoted that, “by 2025, 80% of corporate data centers will disappear as the cloud becomes the primary way that information technology is deployed.”  This promise, (or threat) is looming for many DBAs even now as they try to figure out the how of getting their databases into the cloud, how they will manage it all and what tools are out there to assist them.

This session will cover how we DBAs often over-think the cloud migration process and how some of our archaic tools hold us back.

Takeaways from this session:

1.  Simplifying the cloud

2.  Best Practices and tips for working in the cloud

3.  Tools to help with ensuring cloud migrations are successful



Oracle Optimized- AWR, ASH and ADDM Features

The Automatic Workload Repository, (AWR) and Active Session History, (ASH) are the defacto choice of any optimization DBA when investigating performance issues in Oracle.

With the addition of the Automatic Diagnostic Database Monitor, (ADDM) comparison reports and other new features, we’re able to add a whole new level of information to diagnosing issues.

With the introduction of Database 12c Multi-tenant, there were new challenges introduced with pluggable databases and how to diagnose issues and report on problems.

This session will dig in deep to the new additions to the AWR and ASH reports, along with the benefits of advanced investigation, trouble-shooting and diagnostics to show the power of the “always- on” approach of the AWR for the DBA who requires data behind their findings to ensure they never assume or guess, which is the first step to losing one’s credibility.

Takeaways from this session:

1.  Basics of AWR and ASH architecture

2.  How the reports differ and knowing when to use them

3.  Important changes in DB12c release 2 with AWR and ASH


Presenter Bio:

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of Oak Table Network and an Oracle Ace Director Alumnus. She is the Technical Intelligence Manager for the office of CTO at Delphix. Kellyn is known for her extensive work with database, cloud migrations,  virtualization, the command line interface, environment optimization tuning, automation and architecture design. Her blog, and social media activity under her handle DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content.


Meeting Location

Event will be held on Thursday, April 27th from 5pm – 7:15pm at the Texas Educational Faculty.

It is located at 400 E Spring Valley Road; Richardson, TX 75081 and the sessions are free to the public.  We will meet in the Houston Room on the 2nd floor. Please use building entrance C, at the southeast side of the building.


Sponsor Info:

Meeting is sponsored by Delphix.

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