Database Forum: Session with Jim Czuprynski on Analytic Performance Improvements and #SmartDB

Please join us at the DOUG (DALLAS ORACLE USERS GROUP) Oracle Database Forum meeting on Thursday, August 23, 2018 from 5 – 7:15 pm.

Presentation Overview

Topic 1: “Saving Your Database from Alzheimer’s: Analytic Performance Improvements From Oracle 12cR2 Database In-Memory (DBIM),” presented by Jim Czuprynski, ViON.

Topic 2: “Get Smart! Leveraging #SmartDB To Put Application Code In Its Proper Place,” presented by Jim Czuprynski, ViON.

Refreshments sponsored by ViON.

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Texas state government facility (education-related) – use building
Entrance C, on the east side of the building
Burnet Room (2 nd floor)
400 East Spring Valley Road
Richardson, Texas, 75081


Presentation Details

Saving Your Database from Alzheimer’s: Analytic Performance Improvements From Oracle 12cR2 Database In-Memory (DBIM)
Oracle Database (12cR2) significantly improves the performance of Database In-Memory (DBIM) features, offering potentially massive improvements in real-time analytic processing and queries This session takes a deeper look at what the Oracle 12cR2 optimizer is actually doing “under the covers” when it makes its decisions to process a query against IMCS-resident and non-resident tables, including improved In-Memory Joins, leveraging Join Groups, taking advantage of In-Memory Expressions, and utilizing In-Memory Filtering effectively. We’ll look at some real-world performance improvement metrics obtained against an Exadata Express OPC environment that shows how best to tackle using these newest DBIM

Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session explains:
– What new features the Oracle 12cR2 optimizer has in its quiver when accessing DBIM-resident tables
– How the Oracle 12cR2 optimizer makes different choices when leveraging DBIM features
– How to best leverage the power of enhanced In-Memory Column Store (IMCS) performance for real-time analytic processing and queries

Get Smart! Leveraging #SmartDB To Put Application Code In Its Proper Place
Almost every modern IT organization has struggled with the best place to locate crucial application code bases -inside the application server layer, or inside the database itself? The good news is that Oracle
Database 12c has helped push the argument towards locating the majority of application code within the database through several key feature sets, including Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) and Cross-
Edition Triggers. This session will offer several practical examples of how any Oracle DBA can build a case for and then implement the best practices of the SmartDB paradigm within their organization while
making their application developer colleagues happier than ever.

Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session will:
– Reveal the basic concepts behind the SmartDB paradigm
– Identify which new features of Oracle 12cR2 are key to implementing the SmartDB paradigm
– Offer some practical examples of how SmartDB overcomes typical “overcoding” and “over-protectionist” attitudes among application developers

Speaker Biography
Jim Czuprynski has 35+ years of professional experience in his career in information technology, serving diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies before becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001. He was
awarded the status of Oracle ACE Director in March 2014 and is a sought-after public speaker on Oracle Database technology features, presenting topics at Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG COLLABORATE, ODTUG

Kaleidoscope, Hotsos Symposium, Oracle Technology Network ACE Tours, and Oracle User Group conferences around the world.
Jim has authored over 100 articles focused on facets of Oracle Database administration to his credit since 2003 at and He has also co-authored four books on Oracle database technology. Jim’s blog, Generally … It Depends (, contains his regular
observations on all things Oracle.

Mary Elizabeth McNeely / Dennise Wagner
DOUG Oracle Database Forum Chair / Co-Chair
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