Intro to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and APEX

Attached are slides from the February 28th session with Christoph Ruepprich.

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

What is the Oracle cloud all about? For those who have not had the
chance to meddle with Oracle’s latest cloud offering, this presentation
will provide an overview of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

We will learn about the overall architecture of regions and availability domains, and at various services provided:

  • Compute – IaaS for application servers
  • Database as a Service – VMs and Bare metal
  • Networking – Understand networking in the Oracle cloud
  • Storage – various storage options, such as block and object storage

The audience will gain a basic understanding of what some of the OCI
capabilities and services are, some basic configuration steps, and
whether it can benefit their organization.

The presentation will include a live demo of the Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure web console.

Soup to Nuts: Configuring Oracle APEX in the Oracle Cloud

This session is mainly a demonstration of getting APEX to run in the
Oracle Cloud. This is mainly a demo, going through the various
installation and configuration steps. The cloud account will already
have a database instance, on which APEX will be installed, and a
compute instance to hold Apache, Tomcat, and ORDS. While the APEX
installation script runs, we will install and configure ORDS running in Tomcat. Then we will install and configure Apache with SSL certificates
and the Tomcat connectors. Finally, we will configure the Cloud firewall
to permit only access via port 433.