DOUG Award Winners

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Thanks to all who were able to attend our Spring Mixer at Maggiano’s on Thursday.  And a special thanks to our Gold Sponsor – Pure Storage – and our Silver Sponsors – Nsight, Inc. and Formulus Black.  Their generous support allows us to continue holding mixers, forums, and training sessions throughout the year.


DOUGie of the Year 

For 2019, we awarded the DOUGie of the Year to Susan Behn.  She served as Treasurer during the last board.  Under her guidance, many back-end accounting processes were streamlined and the Treasurer’s role was thoroughly documented and defined.  It made the transition relatively effortless, compared with past hand overs. 

In addition to her work with DOUG, Susan is also active with the Texas-Louisiana Oracle Applications User Group.  Last year, Susan approached the board about sharing a venue for a joint Training Day.  It was a promising opportunity, but we could not pull everything together in time to take advantage.  It is a situation that we plan to remedy this year, as a committee is already in place and looking at possible October dates / venues.     


Presidental Award

Since DOUGie of the Year goes to outstanding contributions within the past year, we wanted a way to honor past contributors.  At the top of this list stood past President, Secretary, and Treasurer – Jeff White.  Jeff helped establish Training Day as a DOUG tradition.  He also set up Box as an official archive location for our organizational history.  During his tenure, Jeff engaged in volunteer outreach and brought a professional demeanor to the organization.        

DOUG Giveway Prize Winners Included:

  • Emmanuel Delpierre – Drone
  • Ananth Alagesan – Raspberry Pi Media Kit
  • Vickie Carvajal – Amazon Echo
  • Russell Clyde – Google Home with Smart Plug
  • Chuck Kolakowski – Raspberry Pi Gaming Edition
  • Russell Brown – 43 Inch Samsung TV

Vendor Giveaways

Nest Doorbell (Donated by Pure Storage) – Nolan Westfall

 $35 Top Golf Gift Cards (Donated by Nsight, Inc.) – Ricky Burke, Aishwarya Mahadev

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