Join us at the June 27th Database Forum as Biju Thomas presents on two topics.

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Oracle Autonomous Database – What’s the Admin’s role?

What’s the DBA’s or Admin’s role in Oracle Autonomous Database – the answer depends on who you ask. You would get answers like “No DBA required, we manage everything, you manage the application”, or “We want DBAs to focus on data security and data integration. DBA’s work closely with the business and data analytics”, or “DBAs do not have access to the Operating System or the CDB or a DBA account. There not much they can do anyway”. Is that reality? Let’s deep dive into Autonomous Database (ATP and ADW) capabilities, what it does perfect, where an Admin needs to give a hand, and what database administration tasks are still DBA responsibility.

Nineteen (19) Database New Features you must See (c)

Oracle Database 12c R1 and R2 were packed with many thoughtful SQL and Administration features to help the developers and DBAs. Oracle 18c and 19c are no exception.  Find out the best SQL and database features in the newer versions of Oracle Database that help you to do your job better, faster and smarter. The features picked are applicable for DBAs and developers, to help them make use of the functionality to do a task differently and better, as soon as they upgrade the database to 18c or 19c.

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