Thanks for Making the 2019 DOUG Training Day a Success

Over 100 attendees came out and enjoyed a full day of Oracle sessions at the Grapevine Convention Center. Thanks to our attendees, sponsors, staff, and speakers who made our event a success.

UPDATE: We just set up a section where active members can view videos or access slides from DOUG Training Day at .

Thanks for the sponsors who came out early and stayed late. All of them contributed for us to hold the event. Some of them helped with the sessions themselves and all of them are enthusiastic supporters of the Oracle user group ecosystem.

Thanks for our speakers who came in from around the world. Ricardo Gonzalez came in from Japan. Markus Michalewicz (seen here) came in from the Bay Area and was en route to other conferences in Europe. Susan Behn is at the beginning of a 18,000 mile October and many of our speakers will be presenting in Raleigh at the end of October.

Thanks for the prizes that we were able to give away.

Thanks go out to our volunteers who made sure that everyone was able to get checked in. They also ensured that everything stayed track and on schedule.

And thanks go out to our attendees and our active members. Everything that we do begins and ends with our membership. The Dallas Oracle Users Group is about our community coming together to share ideas and best practices. DOUG Training Day is the culmination of that but it exists at forum meetings and social mixers throughout the year.

7 thoughts on “Thanks for Making the 2019 DOUG Training Day a Success”

  1. Excellent Training Day! How do I get copies of presentation materials from all of the sessions?

    1. Nate and James,

      Glad that you enjoyed DOUG Training Day so much. We don’t have all the slides. However, we will be posting what slides we have to the DOUG site. Simply log in with you username and password and they will be on the front page of the site.


      Chris Frost

    1. I am not able to access videos and slides. I am presented with page that states I “must log on into the site with your active member username and password to access this material….”. I am logged on and memberships doesn’t expires until 09/23/2020.

      1. Nate, I re-synced roles and tested last night. You should be able to access the materials now. However, please let me know if you still run into any issues.

        – Chris

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