EBS FORUM: Supply Chain Hub @ 10am and Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) @ 2pm (5/27)

The EBS Forum is hosting two online one-hour sessions via Zoom on Wednesday, May 27th. You can register for just one session or both sessions. Session is free but registration is encouraged so we don’t bump into a 100 seat limit. Details for both sessions are listed below.

Supply Chain Hub @ 10am
Glen Whelan

This session will provide EBS Inventory supply planners with education and training on a modern, fast and easy to use planning hub.  This tool provides a fingertip supply control planners hub with drill down capability,  together with rapid mass volume exports on every Oracle entity.

Modernizing the way EBS users access and resolve their Inventory, Order Management, Purchase Order, Work in Process, and Bill of Materials queries. 

Also offering a preview of the soon to be supported MRP plan data analytics.

This session will walk planners through a real life inventory scenario,  using a modern query and reporting platform, and demonstrate how they can add simple or complex reports faster and easier than previously possible, including the ability to handle and deliver unlimited amounts of data in seconds. The Hub is fully integrated with the standard concurrent manager, allowing Hub reports to also be scheduled and emailed as required.

Objective 1 – Outline why the SCM Hub has been developed and examine historical Oracle Inventory query solutions.  Demonstrate how users benefit from modernizing & migrating away from the separate form per entity concept as per standard planning forms . 

Objective 2 – Educate users with any level of SQL skills on a modern reporting option. The session will include hands-on creation of reports, as well as education on adding these reports into the existing Oracle forms screens for direct access from within EBS.

Objective 3 – Enlist Feedback. The workshop will introduce an advanced option for MRP and possibly ASCP users, with the opportunity to provide feedback to the needs of these users.

Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) in Oracle 12.4 and up
Andy Haack

Let us give you a tour around and under the covers of the new Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) that Oracle includes free of charge with the 12.2.4 upgrade. ECC is a completely integrated dash-board system with more than 23 different command centers and over 95 dashboards currently available; all configured and ready to use out of the box. ECC is designed to help users pinpoint exceptions quickly and easily and support rapid decision making based on analytical data from many EBS modules.