On Tuesday, May 24th, we’ll be bringing you another online Database Forum. Kosseila Haddalene an Oracle ACE will be giving the following presentation: “DevOps for DBAs: Deploy Oracle 19c Build Using Vagrant in One Command” Are you tired of waiting for free disk space to be available in your company’s lab environment or for approvals to spin servers with the most recent version of your favorite Oracle software you have been craving to test? Time has come where those frustrations are merely a distant memory. Companies like Hashicorp and their flagship software vagrant coupled with VirtualBox provide a technology that allows DevOps to empower your laptops into a solid launchpad for the most inventive stack you could think of. Join this session to have a front-row experience on vagrant and how you can benefit from it in your next project.

This will be a zoom session and information for the session will be mailed out May 24th