DOUG Training Day October 6. Please sign up by September 24th. Key Note by Charles Kim: The Data Lakehouse for the modern data engineer

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Our Keynote for October 6 will be by Charles Kim from Viscosity: The Data Lakehouse for the modern data engineer.  Charles will be covering the following in his keynote. 

“We have become a digital society. We collect data at an astronomically high volume and analyze increasing amounts of data to make better decisions as quickly as changes occur. The world as we knew it has already changed; cloud adoption is at its all-time high. Traditional on-premises solutions for data storage, data management, and analytics can no longer keep up with the rate of business data consumption. The modern data architecture gives us the best of breed data lakes and purpose-built data stores. We can store ungodly amounts of data at a low, fractional cost. We are not restricted by siloed data and can empower power users to run analytics using their preferred visualization tool. Come see what the buzz is about the modern data platform with an emphasis on the Data Lakehouse. By leveraging pipelines to build modern data-engineered platforms, you will learn patterns that define a lakehouse. Gain insights on: Comparison between a data warehouse, data lake, and a data lakehouse Comparison between a DBA, a data engineer, and a data scientist The future role of the data engineer Various types of data in a data lakehouse Advantages of a data lakehouse”

The Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) is gearing up for our Training Day 2022 in Grapevine, Texas. We need everyone one to Sign up by September 24 so that we can place an accurate food order.  Sales will be open past September 24, but we cannot guarantee enough meals for those purchases past September 24.

If you are a current paid member, Training Day only costs 20 dollars.  If you are not current, the cost is 90 dollars and includes 1 year membership.  For your money you get to choose from 15 sessions, a keynote from Charles Kim from Viscosity “The Data Lakehouse for the modern data engineer”, breakfast, lunch, snacks and DOUG Swag.  We will also host a happy hour at Esparzas afterwards.  

We would like to also thank our current sponsors – API Wizard, Data Intensity,  Infosemantics, Viscosity and Infolob. Sponsorships purchases are still open

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