DOUG Training Day 2019 Sponsors

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DOUG Training Day Sponsorship Opportunities 

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Benefits by Level

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Everything can now be done online.  Simply choose the appropriate sponsorship level above and complete the information.  The preferred method of payment is via credit card through the cart.  But invoicing is also available through the site.  Spots are limited and first-come, first-serve through the online DOUG store. 

Please Note: Attendee information may be obtained only through voluntary means (i.e. entries in drawings for prizes provided by the sponsoring company, card exchanging, etc). General attendee contact information will not be distributed, unless you are a Gold Sponsor, and as a Gold Sponsor you will receive a spreadsheet of business cards entered by attendees for the main prize drawing.  

If you provide a door prize for the event, the prize must be in a physical form (gift card or actual prize item –not a promise of services or prize); you must bring the prize to the event; and you must award the prize to the winner while at the event.