DOUG Training Day Materials

Main Room (Concord I) Videos & Related Slides

Cary Millsap Talks Oracle Performance (Cary Millsap)

Best Practices for Most Impactful Oracle Database 12c, 18c, and 19c Features (Markus Michalewicz)

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Keynote: How to Stay Relevant (Kerry Osborne)

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Moving your Oracle Databases to the Oracle Cloud – Exploring all options (Alex Zaballa)

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Virtualization Essentials & Best Practices for DBAs: How to Talk to Your VMware Guy (Nitin Vengurlekar)

Let’s Talk AI, ML & DL (Biju Thomas)

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External Videos


Dive into Dynamic Actions


APEX Security Checklist (Scott Spendolini)

DBA Skills to Have, Obtain, and Nurture (Markus Michalewicz)

It’s All in the Presentation of Data (Biju Thomas)

Move to the Oracle Cloud (Ricardo Gonzalez)

Zero Downtime Database Migration (Ricardo Gonzalez)

Data Security: Wizarding with EBS Security Wizards (Susan Behn)

Oracle Analytics Cloud (Andrew Preston / Naren Thota)