Frequently Asked Questions

01. DOUG Group Posting Policy
02. Event Attendance
03. Speaking/Sponsoring
04. Membership
05. DOUG Site Login
06. EMail
07. LinkedIn
08. Volunteering

DOUG Group Posting Policy

* All postings must be about Oracle-related subject matter.

* This group does not entertain commercial advertisements or promotional postings for businesses. DOUG reserves the sole right to determine what constitutes “promotional postings.” Some examples of promotional postings include notification of products and services offered; notifications of company events or webinars, even if they are associated with Oracle Corporation or other user groups; and offers of technical information or other enticements which may be claimed by contacting the company or visiting their website.

* All job postings should be under the “JOBS” tab. Posted jobs must require at least some Oracle-related skills. Do not post non-job postings on the “JOBS” tab.

* Individuals who are currently unemployed may publish one concise posting per year advising that they are seeking Oracle-related employment.

* Please limit your posting title to no more than two lines when published. The details should be in the body of the posting.

* No email, web link, or contact information in the title of the posting.

* Repeat violators will be removed from the group without notification. This group will be monitoring member complaints about postings.

* Postings that do meet the policy may be removed without notifying the poster.

Event Attendance

Q: Can I attend DOUG meetings if I’m not a current member?

A: Most meetings are open to the public. Members-only events tend to be events such as social mixers, training days, etc., and their calendar entries will be marked as “Members only.”

Q: I’m not a member – how do I RSVP for a meeting?

A: The same way as members register: if you have an event announcement, proceed directly to the registration URL shown in the announcement. If you want to register from the DOUG website, use www.doug.org > Events > Calendar > (find the event of interest and click on it) > In the registration box, select the number of attendees you want to register > Click Proceed > Fill in the information on the next page.

If you have a DOUG login, it would help the administrator (who processes the registrations) if you’ll log in to the account prior to registration.


Q: I want to be a speaker at a DOUG meeting.

A: If you know which Forum (meeting topic type) you’d like to speak for, contact the Forum Chair for that Forum directly http://www.doug.org/leadership.html, and they will explain the selection process and ground rules. If you are unsure of what Forum would be most appropriate, contact a DOUG board member.

Important to consider up-front: Presentation topics for technical forums must be about products that Oracle Corporation sells/publishes. Third party vendor products are not appropriate presentation topics. However, the meeting sponsor will have a limited amount of time to discuss commercial offerings, regardless of whether they are Oracle Corporation products or not. (You may also discuss meeting sponsorship with the Forum Chair.)

Q: I want to sponsor a DOUG meeting or social mixer.

A: If you know which Forum (meeting topic type) you’d like to sponsor, contact the Forum Chair for that Forum directly, and they will explain the selection process and ground rules. If you are unsure of what Forum would be most appropriate, or if you are interested in sponsoring a social mixer, contact a DOUG board member.
Generally, there are 20-30 regular meetings and two social mixers a year.


Q: What kind of memberships can I get?

A: Individual for $70/year ($25/year for full time students with copy of student ID). Corporate five-seat for $350/year or corporate ten-seat for $700/year. While corporate memberships do not offer cost savings over an equivalent number of individual memberships, they do offer convenience and prestige – convenience because you can change which employees occupy the membership seats as needed, and prestige because DOUG will place your logo on the DOUG web site.

Q: How do I join?
A: www.doug.org > Join DOUG > Join > Select the membership type and fill in the requested information. Within a week, you will receive your DOUG login information via email.

Q: How does the membership calendar renewal cycle work?

A: Your membership will expire one calendar year from the date it was purchased, regardless of purchase date. (If you remember membership running only on a January-December cycle, you aren’t imagining things – it worked that way until 2007.)

Q: Is my membership current? How do I know when it’s time to renew? How do I renew?

A: Current members will receive an email with a link to renew online via credit card approximately 15 days to 1 month prior to their membership expiration date. Six (6) subsequent reminder emails will be sent, then it will be assumed that the member does not plan to renew, and the member will move to “Former member” status.

If you are uncertain if your membership has expired and want to attend a members-only event, you can email the DOUG administrator at dougadministrative@gmail.com and ask about your status. Or you can simply attempt to register for the members only event – you’ll be notified if you aren’t eligible to attend.

DOUG Site Login

Q: What does a DOUG site login allow me to do?

A: Change your mailing group preferences and personal information, such as company, address, and phone number.

Q: I want to change the email address used by DOUG.

A: Notify the DOUG administrator at dougadministrative@gmail.com of the request. It might take a few weeks for you to start receiving emails at the new address.

Q: I forgot my password.

A: Notify the DOUG administrator at dougadministrative@gmail.com that you’d like your password reset. Or you can click on the “I can’t login” link on the member login page.


Q: I wanted to be added to the mailing list, but I’m not a member.

A: You don’t have to be a member to be added to the mailing list. Just email the DOUG administrator (dougadministrative@gmail.com) and ask to be added to the distribution list. Within a few days, you’ll get an email confirming your account has been added; then, log in to your new account to configure what email topic groups you would like to join. If you don’t otherwise configure your account, you’ll be added to all groups.

It could take a while for you to begin receiving emails, as we reformulate our lists every few weeks.

Q: I want to receive less email from DOUG, or no more email at all.

A: For fewer emails, log in to your DOUG account and lessen the number of email topics you’d like to receive. If you need advice about how to do this, contact the DOUG administrator (dougadministrative@gmail.com).

To be removed from all emails, contact the DOUG administrator (dougadministrative@gmail.com) to ask to be removed from the DOUG database. It could take a while for you to stop receiving emails, as we reformulate our mailing lists every few weeks.


Q: Do you have a LinkedIn Group?

A: Yes – visit https://www.linkedin.com/groups/73728 to join the group. Email communication is also sent via LinkedIn announcement.


Q: How can I become a DOUG volunteer?

A: Contact a DOUG board member to discuss open volunteer positions, and then determine which position interests you. Ask to be considered for that position. Depending on the position, you might be asked to submit resume/biography, answer further questions, and/or have a screening with a committee lead. After that, the DOUG board of directors will make a final decision and notify you.

Once a volunteer is selected by the board of directors, the volunteer must attend a volunteer on-ramping/training session prior to beginning volunteer service.

Q: How to I become a DOUG board member?

A: DOUG board members are elected by the DOUG membership. Terms are for two years. Elections are generally held at the end of even-numbered years. Contact a board member for more information.