DOUG Dallas Oracle Users Group Tue, 17 Sep 2019 13:47:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 123691529 DOUG Training Day: Bringing the Best of Oracle OpenWorld to DFW Tue, 17 Sep 2019 13:47:13 +0000 Do you love Oracle OpenWorld but hate to travel? Or maybe, you weren’t able to swing the $4000 dollars to fly out and attend for the week.

Back in Dallas, the Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) is gearing up for our own taste of OpenWorld. We are counting down the days to our DOUG Training Day on Wednesday, October 2nd – hosting a full day of Oracle content at the Grapevine Convention Center.

This year will be our most ambitious yet – with two dozen sessions by OpenWorld presenters like Blaine Carter, Cary Millsap, Kerry Osborne, and Markus Michalewicz. We are also organizing content for three different tracks. There will be something for any of your Oracle people – whether they follow the database forums, EBS, or the cloud. We also have a dedicated track for APEX development and several executive level sessions. The current full interactive schedule is here at

We hope that you will be able to attend DOUG Training Day. It has become an important perk of DOUG membership. And your active DOUG memberships support our organizational efforts throughout the year.

In addition to Training Day, you will be helping DOUG bring two dozen meetings a year with our database, E-Business Suite, and professional development forums.  We also have a Social Mixer with food, drinks, and networking set for Blue Mesa in March.  And that all comes from your active annual membership.

If you have questions, you can reach out to us at or at

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DOUG Training Day Adds Jackie McIlvoy Thu, 12 Sep 2019 22:32:55 +0000 APEX fans in Dallas will need no introduction to Jackie McIlvoy. Over the past 13 years, Jackie has been an enthusiastic evangelist for Application Express, an active Oracle ACE in the APEX community, and a key product developer behind APEX Office Print. So, we are very excited to announce that Jackie will be speaking on October 2nd at DOUG Training Day.

Jackie enjoys mentoring new APEX developers and helping people create awesome APEX applications. She maintains an APEX-related blog ( and is co-organizer of the Dallas/Fort Worth Oracle APEX Meetup group.

Jackie will be delivering two sessions. First, she’ll be delivering a fun introduction to hands-on Application Express at 9am in Concord III. Then, at 2:45pm, she’ll be giving the APEX devotees a tech talk on Dynamic Actions.

Keep an eye open for continuing updates by watching for the #DougTD hashtag on Twitter or following our @TrainingDoug channel.

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Is Your Name in the Book of DOUG? It’s Time for DOUG’s Fall Membership Drive Mon, 09 Sep 2019 03:17:24 +0000 Is your name in the book of DOUG? Did it used to be in the book but has faded over time? Or have you been to a few meetings and are wondering why you should join?

In the TV show, The Good Place, there is a running gag about one person on Earth named Doug Forcett, who has figured out the afterlife and how to get into the Good Place. And towards the end of this season, Ted Danson’s character takes off with the book of DOUG.

On October 2nd, we will have a very good place for Oracle professionals as DOUG Training Day kicks off at the Grapevine Convention Center. But only those people in the book of DOUG will be allowed to attend. If your company sponsors you via a block 5-person or 10-person corporate sponsorship, contact us at and we will do what we can to assist you. If you have an independent sponsorship, you can check your status via the following link – – or from the Account dropdown under Member Resources.

And if you forgot your password, you can reset it via this direct link Just supply the email address that you used at sign-up and within minutes, you can reset your password and be back in business.

From within your Account, you can see your Membership status under the Memberships tab, along with any recent event registrations under the Orders tab. In the example below, I can see my active membership plus ones from past years,

However, if I had an inactive membership, it might appear like this. To reactivate, I can update my Credit Card info by clicking on Update and be charged for the specified membership via a secure Stripe checkout.

Of course, if you are new to DOUG or never been an official member before, there is an easy way. By going to, you can look over the various membership options and choose the one that is right for you.

Within the next week, DOUG will be invoicing companies that are due for renewals and the first of automated reminders will be going out as well. If you questions or issues, please contact us at

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Session Registration is Open for DOUG Training Day 2019 Tue, 03 Sep 2019 04:28:47 +0000 After months of planning and preparation, the venue is set, the speakers are ready, and DOUG Training Day is about to begin in just 4 weeks. On October 2nd, we have a Who’s Who of Oracle speakers and experts joining us at the Grapevine Convention Center for 2019 DOUG Training Day. Below is a schedule at a glance but we have much more at

Among the speakers are luminaries such as:

  • Cary Millsap
  • Kerry Osborne
  • Scott Spendolini
  • Biju Thomas
  • Blaine Carter
  • Doug Gault
  • Dan Morgan
  • … and that’s just the beginning

With five rooms and five separate breakout timeslots, there is plenty of quality content. And it’s just not for database admin. We have tracks for Oracle developers, executive sponsors, and cloud specialists.

Membership has its Privileges

Training Day is provided as a service to our active DOUG members and we are pushing this as an opportunity to re-engage with our local Oracle community. If you are new to DOUG, this is the perfect time to join through our membership site. In addition to the Training Day event, you’ll be a member for a full year of DOUG events – from database forums and E-business sessions to professional development events and mixers.

And if you or your company have let your membership(s) expire, we will be sending out notices so you can renew those memberships online.

… And so does Sponsorship.

PureStorage - Gold Sponsor
Gold Sponsor

Pure Storage has already signed to be one of our Gold sponsors for the event and we just had Infosemantics sign on as a Bronze sponsor. We still have corporate sponsorship opportunities available – at three different tiers. If you or your organization is interested, we have streamlined the process this year through our online store. Simply go to our dedicated Training Day sponsorship information page. From there, you can look at the various sponsorship options, choose your sponsorship level and pay online.

DATABASE FORUM: APEX Security Checklist with Scott Spendolini (8/22) Thu, 08 Aug 2019 02:49:21 +0000 Please join us at the DOUG (DALLAS ORACLE USERS GROUP) Oracle Database Forum meeting on Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 5 – 7:15 pm.  

Presentation Overview
APEX Security Checklist,” presented by Scott Spendolini, Vice President of the APEX+ Practice of Viscosity, NA.

Refreshments sponsored by Viscosity, NA.  

To register for this meeting, click below.   

Please contact if your plans change, so we can order the right amount of food.  


University of Dallas, Gorman Lecture Center, Room B, 1845 East Northgate Drive, Irving, Texas.  For directions to the campus, see For a campus map, see (A good starting place would be to park near the bell tower.)   

Presentation Overview

Security is more important than ever before—particularly for the application developer. APEX is no exception to this rule, as there are plenty of things that can be either misconfigured or set incorrectly, resulting in a less secure application.

This session will go through a checklist of what you, as an APEX developer, need to complete before promoting any APEX application to production.

Speaker Bio

Scott Spendolini is Vice President of the APEX+ Practice of Viscosity, NA.

Throughout his professional career, he has assisted various clients with their Oracle APEX development and training needs. Spendolini is a long-time and regular presenter at many Oracle-related conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, KScope, and RMOUG.  His presentation at KScope 2014 – APEX Security Primer – was selected as one of the top presentations at the conference.  He is a recipient of the Oracle Ace Director designation, author of Expert Oracle Application Express Security and co-author of Pro Oracle Application Express.  Spendolini is also an Oracle Certified Oracle Application Express developer.

Prior to reigniting and running Sumner Technologies from 2015 to 2018, Spendolini was an APEX Practice director at Accenture and Enkitec from June 2012 through April 2015.  Before joining Enkitec as part of an acquisition, he co-founded and ran Sumneva and Sumner Technologies from 2005 through 2012, which focused on Oracle APEX services, education & solutions.  Spendolini started his professional career at Oracle Corporation, where he worked with Oracle eBusiness Suite for almost seven years and was a Senior Product Manager for Oracle APEX for just over three years.  He holds a dual bachelors degree from Syracuse University in Management Information Systems and Telecommunications Management and currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

Mary Elizabeth McNeely / Dennise Wagner
DOUG Oracle Database Forum Chair / Co-Chair
214 349 9994

EBS FORUM: Cloudy with a Chance of 1099 (8/15) Tue, 30 Jul 2019 12:46:07 +0000 Title: Cloudy with a Chance of 1099

Abstract: 1099 compliance can be quite stressful during the beginning of the year. Oracle Cloud Payables makes it really easy to do 1099 processing. We will discuss the whole lifecycle of 1099 processing from setup to printing the form and mailing it to the supplier and filing the e-file with the IRS. 1099 processing will be the least of your worries on 1099 cloud payables and we will show how. We will discuss 1099 withholding, reporting, making non-AP Adjustments to 1099 amounts using the functionality.

Speaker: Mahesh Vallampati from Oracle Consulting

Evening Catering Sponsors: Oracle 

Locations/Directions: University of Dallas 1845 E. Northgate Dr. Irving, TX 75062 – Gorman B Conference Room (no specific entrance, but destination is building 6)

DATABASE FORUM: Pluggable Databases for DevOps – Making Individual Developer Databases a Reality (7/25) Mon, 22 Jul 2019 02:51:33 +0000 Please join us at the DOUG (DALLAS ORACLE USERS GROUP) Oracle Database Forum meeting on Thursday, July 25, 2019 from 5 – 7:15 pm.  

Presentation Overview 

Pluggable Databases for DevOps – Making Individual Developer Databases a Reality,” presented by Duane Dieterich, Senior Application Developer – PL/SQL, Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETCC). 


University of Dallas, Gorman Lecture Center, 1845 East Northgate Drive, Irving, Texas.  For directions to the campus, see For a campus map, see (A good starting place would be to park near the bell tower.)   

Presentation Overview

In a DevOps world, database development presents some unique challenges. Using individual development databases is a big change from the shared development database. Determining how to build and test these databases can be a complex challenge. How to manage the possibility of databases and database software scattered across a large development environment can be daunting.

In this presentation, we identify our solution to some of these issues. We modified our existing continuous-integration process for java to make possible the creation of stand-alone version-controlled database builds. We utilized several key technologies to make our implementation as practical as possible. All of this was made possible because the Oracle pluggable database is manageable in size and quick to load. We will also uncover some problems we encountered with this implementation.

Objective 1: Identify problem with development databases

Objective 2: Show a solution using a build server and pluggable databases

Objective 3: Identify lessons learned from implementation

Mary Elizabeth McNeely / Dennise Wagner

DOUG Oracle Database Forum Chair / Co-Chair

214 349 9994

DATABASE FORUM: New Features You Must See in 19c & A DBA’s Role in Autonomous Database (6/27) Tue, 21 May 2019 12:14:00 +0000 Join us at the June 27th Database Forum as Biju Thomas presents on two topics. Meeting is sponsored by OneNeck IT Solutions.

Presentation Details

Oracle Autonomous Database – What’s the Admin’s role?

What’s the DBA’s or Admin’s role in Oracle Autonomous Database – the answer depends on who you ask. You would get answers like “No DBA required, we manage everything, you manage the application”, or “We want DBAs to focus on data security and data integration. DBA’s work closely with the business and data analytics”, or “DBAs do not have access to the Operating System or the CDB or a DBA account. There not much they can do anyway”. Is that reality? Let’s deep dive into Autonomous Database (ATP and ADW) capabilities, what it does perfect, where an Admin needs to give a hand, and what database administration tasks are still DBA responsibility.

Nineteen (19) Database New Features you must See (c)

Oracle Database 12c R1 and R2 were packed with many thoughtful SQL and Administration features to help the developers and DBAs. Oracle 18c and 19c are no exception.  Find out the best SQL and database features in the newer versions of Oracle Database that help you to do your job better, faster and smarter. The features picked are applicable for DBAs and developers, to help them make use of the functionality to do a task differently and better, as soon as they upgrade the database to 18c or 19c.

About the Speaker

Biju Thomas is a principal solutions architect with OneNeck since 2007. He currently serves as the senior architect and mentor for the database function at OneNeck.

For more than a decade, Biju has been actively engaged in OneNeck’s administration of the Oracle database and Oracle E-Business Suite, including the architecture, configuration and tuning. He leads the Oracle advisory services group in helping customers architect and configure Oracle systems efficiently. He makes Oracle-related presentations at major conferences. In addition, Biju has published many articles and books. He is an Oracle OCP Administrator and Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert.

For more than 20 years, Biju has been concentrating on Oracle Technologies in various roles and is part of the Oracle ACE Program. In fact, he is one of 34 Oracle ACE Directors in the United States and among 105 ACE Directors worldwide (as of March 2019). The Oracle ACE program recognizes members who are technically proficient and make significant contributions within the Oracle community. They are experts who willingly share their knowledge and experience.

Biju is an advisor for the Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User Group (OSWOUG). He earned his degree at the Bharathidasan University in India and holds a Masters in Computer Applications from the University of Kerala.

Biju blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter (@biju_thomas) or Facebook(@oraclenotes) for daily Oracle Tidbits.

EBS FORUM: Data Security-Wizarding with EBS Security Wizards (7/11) Mon, 13 May 2019 00:26:06 +0000

Title: Data Security-Wizarding with EBS Security Wizards

Abstract: With each release, new security wizards are introduced to simplify the creation of grants to secure data for roles and responsibilities.  This session will provide training on the cash management, security administration, concurrent processing and flexfield value sets security wizards.  Specific end to end examples to secure these data elements showing how to complete the security wizard process and what grants are created by this process will be covered as well as best practices.  Don’t be tempted to bypass the security controls that have been provided.

Speaker: Susan Behn; Vice-President


Evening Catering Sponsors:
To RSVP for this meeting, click below.
Please contact if your plans change, so we can order the right amount of food.
University of Dallas
1845 E. Northgate Dr. Irving, TX 75062
Gorman B Conference Room (no specific entrance, but destination is building 6)
DATABASE FORUM: Cary Millsap Talks [More] Oracle Performance (5/23) Mon, 06 May 2019 22:12:19 +0000

Cary Millsap will be speaking on Oracle Performance this Thursday, May 23rd.

With the newly renovated Abrams location in Richardson, we will be holding his presentation in the Bluebonnet room. Address is:

Texas state government facility (education-related)
Bluebonnet Room
904 Abrams Road
Richardson, Texas 75081

We plan to start at 5pm and run until 7:30pm. Refreshments are sponsored by Delphix.


Cary is a frequent presenter at Oracle events and a favorite speaker for the membership. He literally wrote the book on performance tuning and always delivers something new and interesting. Please register below so we can get an accurate count for the food ahead of time.