Oracle Database Forum

The Oracle Database Forum offers Oracle DBAs and developers a chance to learn about Oracle databases – tuning, replication, new features, backup and recovery, and more.  Sometimes the forum also forays into Oracle-supplied environments, such as Oracle Virtual Machine, Oracle Linux, Exadata, and Oracle Database Appliance. 

The meetings are open to Oracle veterans and newbies alike.



E-Business Suite Forum

The purpose of the E-Business Suite Forum is to provide an environment to exchange ideas and share experiences using the Oracle Applications. The Forum is open to anyone who is a member of DOUG and is intended to represent the interests of Oracle Applications professionals in the DFW area.

Three areas of interest

The original idea of the groups is that it would consist of three areas of interest:

  • Functional level: These would include the business analysts, the accounting managers, the AP clerks, or any of the other business end users who use the Applications for their day to day jobs. One of the major complaints about the DOUG meetings is that they are too technically focused and appeal more to DBAs than to the business end users. This has been the primary focus of the Apps Forum for 2004 – to appeal to this audience. That’s why we’ve had guest speakers discussing Oracle Projects, Financials, iProcurement, etc. The emphasis has been more on the business problems solved and benefits gained by using the Applications.
  • Technical level: These would be the developers, the Apps DBAs and others who specialize in the technology used in the Applications. With each version, the technology stack becomes more and more complex. Java, XML, web services, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, Unix, JSP, Application Servers, Apache web server, and of course the database, are just a few of the major technologies. While these are used in a variety of different applications, there are specific nuances for how they are used in the Oracle world. Several people have asked for a forum to discuss these technologies. While some of these topics are covered in the DOUG meetings, there is a wide range of topics out there that we can now address.
  • Management level: These would be the Applications Manager, IT managers and ERP project managers who deal with the Applications at a much higher level than the previous two groups. They’re looking at issues such as business strategy and ROI metrics. Specifically their role is to translate or match the 100+ Application modules readiness to business problems and justify investments and maintenance costs to their executive board.



Business Intelligence & EPM Forum

As companies continue to shift their focus from operational based processes to management based excellence, the successful deployment of enterprise performance management and business intelligence applications more critical now then ever. So what does enterprise performance management and business intelligence entail? Well simply put it involves obtaining access to critical business data from various sources and taking the necessary action to improve company performance. Also, it facilitates the support of your critical management based processes such as producing consolidated results, external reports to the street, as well as a meaningful plan and/or forecast. The BI & EPM Forum was started in April 2004 as a means to facilitate discussions, education, and training around the Oracle EPM and BI suite of applications which includes:

  • Oracle BI Applications
  • Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Financial Management
  • Essbase

Our focus for future upcoming events is to provide excellent content as well as an opportunity to network with fellow BI & EPM colleagues not only for technical advice but for career advice as well. The BI & EPM Forum members represent a very diverse set of developers, managers, consultants, and end users.

Examples of previous meeting topics:

  • What’s New & Considerations for Hyperion 11.1.2.X
  • The Convergence of OBIEE & Hyperion EPM Platforms
  • Best Practices in Hyperion Planning
  • Best Practices in Hyperion Financial Management
  • What is new in Hyperion 11.1.X
  • Performance Considerations to Consider When Deploying OBIEE
  • An Overview of Oracle BI Applications



MySQL Forum

MySQL is the most popular open source database and the ‘M’ in the LAMP stack. Just about every one has MySQL someplace in their environment. Companies like Facebook, Google, Ticketmaster, and thousands more use this free, open source database.

Come join us for MySQL-centric discussions covering the latest developments from the MySQL developers, third party applications, and the LAMP ecosystem. All are welcome and at any level of MySQL expertise.



Fusion Middleware Forum

The fusion middleware forum is designed to educate our members on Oracle’s technology, strategy, and development of the middleware suite.  These include areas such as SOA, ESB, ADF among others and heavily integrate with other Oracle products such as Oracle database and and Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, and JDE applications.