1999 Events

21-JAN-99Implementing 10.7 NCA – A Technical Perspective
18-FEB-99Workflow and Extending report via web browsers using AK DeveloperYes
18-MAR-99Oracle Tools Update
15-APR-99Application Infrastructure and OAUG Spring 1999 Conference Review
20-MAY-99Oracle Security Tips and TricksYes
15-JUL-99New Features of Developer 6.0
19-AUG-99Creating Custom Account Generators – The Fast and Easy Way! and
How To Safeguard Your Project From a Patch Onslaught?
16-SEP-99Zero to 250GB in 25 Hours or Less
14-OCT-99Internet Is Everything and
MultiNational/MultiOrg SIG Information/Update
29-NOV-99Customer Relationship Management and the Corporate Information Factory
DEC-99No Meeting