2001 Events

18-JAN-2001Oracle 9i New FeaturesYes
15-FEB-2001Oracle Career JumpStart and Leveraging Bootcamp Training for Rapid ImplementationsYes
15-MAR-2001Oracle Database Performance Tuning
19-APR-2001Application Mining – Accelerate Changes to your Oracle Applications
17-MAY-2001From the Database to Web to Wireless…one stop shoppingYes
21-JUN-2001Detect, Diagnose, and Resolve Oracle Performance Bottlenecks
19-JUL-2001Upgrading to Release 11i – Lessons LearnedYes
16-AUG-2001Insession Technologies – Building Faster Oracle Systems
20-SEP-2001Streamlining Oracle Maintainance – Automating Patch Installation, Refreshes, Migrations & More!Yes
18-OCT-2001Solutions to Oracle Disaster Recovery and High Availability ChallengesYes
15-NOV-2001Wow! An Oracle 11i Implementation in 60 days
20-DEC-2001No meeting – Happy Holidays!