2003 Events

1/16/2003Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters – Why it’s unbreakable , Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Scalable – Chuck Vallentiny; Angie Sims
Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing – Chuck Vallentiny; Angie Sims
1/22/2003Oracle 11i Applications – Troubleshooting the 11i Applications – Adam Janbolat – dba4aday.com
2/20/2003Oracle E-Business 11i upgrade – How to do it! Part 1 – Adam Janbolat, Sr. DBA
Oracle E-Business 11i upgrade – How to do it! Part 2 – Adam Janbolat, Sr. DBA
3/20/2003Oracle Collaboration Suite – One in-box for email, voicemail, and fax, Web browsers, telephones, and PDAs! Find out how, ask the experts – Chuck Vallentiny
4/17/2003Care and Feeding of 11i – John Stouffer, Solution Beacon, LLC
5/15/2003Business Information using Oracle reporting tools. – Chuck Vallentiny , Principal Consultant and team, Oracle Corp
Active Archiving – This presentation will share best practices and time-proven tools for database archiving. – Sue Prazuch, Archive Technical Consultant, Princeton Softech
6/19/2003Oracle Enterprise Manager – Overview Part One – Setting up the Enterprise Manager – Oracle Corp.
Oracle Application Security: Internal Controls and Sarbannes Oxley – Scott Main of LogicalApps
7/17/2003Oracle Enterprise Manager – Detail Review Diagnostic Analysis – Part Two – Oracle Consulting team
8/21/2003You Probably Don?t Need More Memory or Faster Disk (Oracle Performance Tuning) – Cary Millsap of Hotsos
9/18/2003Oracle Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehouse – Nick Roppolo, Braun Consulting
Active Archiving Solutions for Oracle – Doug Smith – Princeton Softech
11/20/2003Oracle 10G: Part 1 – What is it? What will it do to make your life easier? – Ron Gray, Oracle Corp. Database Solutions Sr. Consultant and Team
Oracle 10g: Part 2 – Experience the power of 10G – Ron Gray, Oracle Corp. Database Solutions Sr. Consultant and Team