Please Sponsor DOUG Training Day

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DOUG / TXLOATUG Training Day Sponsorship Opportunities

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Benefits by Level

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Everything can now be done online.  Simply choose the appropriate sponsorship level above and complete the information.  The preferred method of payment is via credit card through the cart.  But invoicing is also available through the site.  Spots are limited and first-come, first-serve through this online store.    

Please Note: Afterwards, vendors will receive an list of TLOATUG attendees. For DOUG, attendee information may be obtained only through voluntary means (i.e. entries in drawings for prizes provided by the sponsoring company, card exchanging, etc).  So, sponsors will receive a spreadsheet of business cards entered by DOUG attendees for the main prize drawing.

Vendor Bingo: We are doing a Bingo game to encourage attendees to come meet you and find out more about your company and offerings. Prizes will be given out towards the end of the event. If you provide a door prize for the event, the prize must be in a physical form (gift card or actual prize item –not a promise of services or prize); you must bring the prize to the event; and you must award the prize to the winner while at the event.

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Why Sponsor?

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According to a study in the Dallas Morning News, the area is the sixth hottest technology area with 42 Fortune 1000 companies calling the region home.  And with two large Oracle offices in Las Colinas and Frisco, Dallas boasts a wealth of Oracle resources and local talent.

DOUG Training Day will be the largest gathering of Oracle professionals in the DFW area this year.  Plus, DOUG Training Day is organized by both the Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) and the Texas Louisiana Oracle Applications Technical User Group (TXLOATUG).  Both organizations are non-profit initiatives, sharing Oracle knowledge through presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.  Sponsoring will make this year’s Training Day an event to remember.  It will also allow the both groups continue their mission of educating and supporting the people who work with Oracle as a way of life.

We had 130 attendees at our 2019 event in Houston, and for this event, which is being co-hosted, we are planning on for 150 attendees.  We are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, evaluating and making necessary changes to our in-person events.  The health and well-being of our customers, employees, partners, and communities is our top priority.  Should guidance from public health authorities or local jurisdictions cause us to reevaluate our event programming. If necessary, we are prepared to host the event virtually, and/or offer refunds if requested.

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Location Information

Grapevine Convention Center / 1209 S Main Street, Grapevine, TX  76051