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Politics Ain’t Beanbag: Using APEX, ML, and GeoCoding In a Modern Election Campaign

October 1, 2020 4:00 pm
October 1, 2020 5:00 pm

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Oracle announced in December 2019 its Spatial and Graph features are now included without additional licensing costs for Oracle databases. This means application developers now have low-cost access to powerful geolocation, routing, and mapping capabilities – a welcome addition for any Application Express (APEX) application that previously shied away from implementing those features.

This session demonstrates a real-life use case – handling the changing demands of a modern election campaign, including managing widely-dispersed volunteers and voters, using geolocation for merchandise distribution, and identifying “flippable” voters with ML and analytics – through a mobile-capable APEX application.

  • APEX, Machine Learning, and Spatial & Graph: A Perfect Pairing
  • Applying ML Algorithms to Find Voters of Interest
  • Using Web Source Modules (WSMs) to Gather External GeoCoding Data Efficiently
  • Creating Efficient Delivery Routes for Volunteers Via GIS Features
  • Leveraging APEX Plug-Ins for Mapping
The attendee will learn:

  1. How APEX, ML, and Spatial & Graph features make for efficient mapping and routing problem-solving
  2. How Web Source Modules and APEX_EXEC offer access to external data sources without ever downloading a single file
  3. How SDO_GEOMETRY features make short work of routing, geolocation, and mapping


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