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JSON, A Splash of SODA, and a SQL Chaser: Real-World Use Cases for Autonomous JSON Database (AJD)

October 7, 2021 2:00 pm
October 7, 2021 2:45 pm

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The popularity of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has quickly become a de facto method for retaining valuable business information for many IT organizations. For the modern Oracle DBA, finding the best methods to retain, maintain, and process JSON documents – especially when that information needs to be combined with non-JSON data – can be a confusing conundrum. This session demonstrates how to tackle real-life business use cases with the newest member of Oracle’s Autonomous Database family – the Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) – and explains how it simplifies JSON document management, provides secure access to their data via SODA, and promotes easy combination of JSON and non-JSON data with SQL.
Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session illustrates how to:
– Use an Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) to store, retrieve, and process JSON information
– Take advantage of Simple Document Oracle Access (SODA) NoSQL APIs to process JSON information … without writing any SQL code
– Leverage SQL to access JSON information within an AJD and combine it with other non-JSON formatted information retained within the same AJD


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