Training Day 2022: All about Upgrades – What you need to know about upgrading, the 12.2 Apps,19c database, Continuous Innovation Model and new features, including Enterprise Command Centers

Art Dowd Consulting Director
October 6, 2022 9:00 am
October 6, 2022 9:45 am
1209 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051   View map



In this presentation we will cover the key elements of an upgrade, what you need to watch out for, and where to find good information. If you are on 12.1.3 and working on your upgrade, we’ll walk through critical lessons learned as well some of the new features on 12.2. We’ll break down the upgrade project, show the 3 major focus areas, and cover who is responsible for the key elements. If you are on 12.2, we’ll talk about what the future looks like for incorporating continuous innovation release technical stack updates and functional enhancements. We’ll cover what your patching and testing cycles might look like for periodic tech updates as well as new application features. The reality is that E-Business Suite and EBS upgrades are not going away. Less than 20% of the Oracle EBS install base has re-implemented on the Oracle SaaS Fusion product and moved off of EBS. Oracle’s focus now appears to be to lift and shift EBS customers from their current on-prem hosting arrangements to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. It has become clear that organizations will live in a hybrid cloud world and will need to be able to manage multiple connecting clouds. Should you be interested in moving your hosting to OCI, we’ll talk through the different OCI offerings and what it could mean to your future upgrades. With 12.2, Oracle has moved from mandatory, support deadline-driven upgrade projects that need to be done every few years, to smaller, higher frequency refreshes. How you handle the frequency, planning, and testing will all need to change. Once you are on 12.2, online patching will change your DBA’s job and more specifically, how, and when they patch. Over the past few years, Oracle has focused their functional EBS development efforts on the Enterprise Command Centers but they have added other new features and enhanced other apps as well. We’ll discuss the now 33 Command Centers that come with 134 dashboards and cover what they can do for you. It is compelling new functionality that provides near real time data that can be drilled down into the base transaction. Because it is role based, it allows workers and managers the ability to focus on those items that are most important to them and handle transactional reporting inquiries. We’ll also cover how new applications and tech stack patches will impact your platform and how to determine what new features and functionality you should consider as part of your upgrade. This presentation is for anyone who needs to plan, manage, or be part of an upgrade.


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