Patrick Donlin

My name is Patrick Donlin and have worked at Heartland IT Consulting since 2010 and function in role of CEO/President of Sales. I am originally from Binghamton NY and went to SUNY Oswego for college, graduating in 2004. An interesting life experience I have had was choosing to outsource myself working for a US company located in Buenos Argentina for $600 USD per month!!

Personally, I am a believer in taking action and have personal hobbies living out some of my favorite shows on CNBC or HGTV. I am active with real estate, gardening, DIY projects, and new business concepts. I travel a lot and enjoy sharing experiences with innovative people who are improving the world for themselves and others around them.

I love being a part of Heartland IT Consulting for many reasons, however, my favorites are the opportunity to create and seeing people exceed their potential. We have the flexibility to create anything we want acting in the best interest of the organization and make things happen. Additionally, seeing people on the team exceed their potential and be dedicated to achieving success together is an incredible experience to share.

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